Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Post 3500 - Happy Anniversary (I Think!)

Past 10pm.

Well, this is as close to post 3500 as I think I can get. Over the years I have mis-typed, mis-entered, mis-forgotten, the post numbers, more than a few times. I was mis-entering the post number a couple of months ago, for a period of a month or so. I gave up and entered what I thought should be the next number, and here we are. Post 3500. Thereabouts.

The dryer in Casa Bevboy crapped out some time ago. We haven't replaced it yet. We took some towels to a laundromat after work tonight. A place that has "laundromat" of the year in The Coast. The owner gave us a dirty look. It wasn't until we were leaving that he apologized and asked us to read the sign on the window as we left. Turns out that they don't want you to dry stuff there unless you have washed it there first.  We told him we would remember that for the next time we were there.

There won't be a next time.

We got home. Patricia had a glass of wine. I had a rum and coke. Thought about having a second one and decided not to. Watched the second episode of "The Good Fight" and realized that the episode was a full 52 minutes long. When it runs on Canadian tv this weekend, they will have to run it in a longer timeslot, doubtful, or they will have to cut it to ribbons. I noticed in watching the show last night that they had edited out some cussing. The version we saw tonight, besides being 52 minutes long, had plenty of cussing in it, starting with the very first line of dialogue. Cussing in texts sent to one of the characters, too.

Love the show so far, but I think I will stick with watching downloads on my Plex Media Server, so I can watch and see the cussing.

A bit of caution, though. I thought that the show starred Diane Lockhart's Christine Baranski, but there are plenty of scenes where she isn't there. I thought it was an ensemble show, but I think I was wrong, and that mildly disappoints me.

Just finished watching this week's Flash episode. The show is getting very silly. Characters were speaking like gorillas. The word "speedster" is overused. There are too many characters who can run like crazy, but you seldom see them run like crazy. Increasingly, I think they are trying to save money on the budget. You see characters about to run like crazy. Then, the camera shifts to another character's reaction to Flash/Kid Flash/Jay Garrick/Jesse Quick running like crazy before shifting back to the aftermath of the "speedster" having done some... speeding. All in a way to save some damn money. They don't have money for special effects or writers. This whole season has been a disappointment.

Complain. Complain. Complain.

I think I will turn in. Need some sleep. At least we have nice, warm towels after the shower tomorrow morning.

See you then.


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