Saturday, February 25, 2017

Post 3503 - Saturday

Pushing midnight.

Didn't write on Friday because my old body crapped out around 10pm. Or was it 9:30? Don't remember.

After work on Friday, we went to the casino. They have a weekend buffet, so we partook of that. Afterward, we gambled away 20 dollars each. In my case, because it was the day after my birthday, I was able to select a card from the lady at guest services. The one I chose entitled me to $20 at the slot machines, so that is how much I "spent". Apparently, the most you can win is $100. The least amount? Uh, $20.

Didn't win anything appreciably. Patricia, using her own money, didn't, either. We drove home. Watched this week's "Supernatural", during which I dozed off a couple of times, and then this week's "Speechless", which I can scarcely recall, before turning in.

Today, we got up late. After lunch, we drove to Tantallon to Otis & Clementine's, which is our fave used bookstore around. I spent the gift certificate Patricia got me for Christmas. Also, I took in a book I had a duplicate of and got a couple dollars in store credit. Spent it all.

We drove as if we were going the long way around to Peggy's Cove, but instead had an early dinner at The Finer Diner. I had the lobster clubhouse, which was quite good. Patricia had the meat perogies, which I had never heard of such a thing before. She said they were good, but I didn't have any. We shared a slice of lemon meringue pie. Patricia paid and swore up and down that it was the last of my birthday prezzies. That's fine.

We drove back here and have spent a quiet enough evening. We watched Netflix and Crave TV. The turn around time between a film being in theatres and hitting Netflix is barely six months now. We watched "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates", one of those raunchy comedies that didn't have quite enough raunch to make me happy. Whilst Patricia was on her tablet, I watched a "Netflix original" called "Gilfriend's Day" starring Bob Odenkirk. I am not sure if this was even a film. The running time was under 70 minutes. B movies from the 1940's ran longer than what I watched tonight. There are many cameos from people who are probably good friends with Odenkirk. He plays a greeting card writer who is fired because he doesn't have the stuff any more. Then, he is threatened into writing one last greeting card for a new holiday called "Girlfriend's Day". It is about as funny as you might imagine. It is about as engaging as you might imagine. I am not sure why this film was even made. I am not sure why it is even a film at all.

Anyway, we topped off the night with a couple episodes of "Angie Tribeca", courtesy of Crave TV. Because we threatened to quit our Bell Fibe service last month, they made nice with us by giving us free Crave TV for a year, along with free HBO Canada and the The Movie Network and one other free movie service. I wish I could threaten to quit Nova Scotia Power and get a cool result like this.

I have to get up relatively early Sunday morning. I will tell you why tomorrow night.

See you then.


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