Sunday, February 26, 2017

Post 3504 - Sunday

After 10:30.

I have spent several hours today working on my next true crime piece for Frank. I have produced a rough draft of about 825 words. I will hack and slash at it during my lunch hour on Monday and send it to my editor tomorrow evening as things stand.

This case is especially tragic. You will see what I am referring to when Frank 762 hits local newsstands on March 8th.

I did have some downtime this afternoon. We watched the third episode of The Good Fight. The show gets more compelling every week. We also watched the final two episodes of the trainwreck "Too Close To Home". I have to wonder what the production budget of this show is, but I think there are high school plays that lavish more money on their productions than this show does. They can barely afford professional actors in most of the roles. One storyline is stalled to the point where a character, injured severely during an episode in season one, spent the entirety of season two in one room recovering from those injuries. Huge storytelling issues with this show. I don't think it helps that Tyler Perry (yes, that Tyler Perry) is the show's executive producer, head writer, director, and maybe even is in control of craft services. He is in over his head.

Another work week awaits. Where do these darn weekends go, anyway? A fella could get used to this downtime.

See you tomorrow.


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