Friday, March 31, 2017

Post 3529 - Friday

Past 10pm.

I didn't make it to the Archives today. That is still on tap for Saturday. Today, we drove to Tantallon because the bracket thingy that held the shower hose and nozzle in place broke, so I had to replace it. The hardware store there had them for about 8 dollars each, so I got it. We went next door to Otis and Clementines, where Patricia got two books, and I didn't get a damn thing.

We decided to drive to Spryfield to get some groceries. We were hungry so we drove around for a place to eat, which turned out to be an excellent place called Station Six. It is where the KFC used to be. Terrific food and ambience. We can't wait to go back.

From there we decided to hit the used clothing stores. We started with the Frenchy's that is below the Canadian Tire. You wouldn't even think it was there unless someone told you it was. Patricia got a few things. I got nothing. We then went to the Salvation Army thrift store up the road. Patricia got a few items of clothing. I sifted through the books and discovered a whole bottom shelf full of books by Rex Stout.

Rex Stout is best known for writing mystery novels featuring his detective Nero Wolfe. I have a few of those books in my collection. Never read any of them, but I know they are highly regarded. They had a passel of them there today, so I got them all. They also had a few Ruth Rendell novels there, so I got them. And they had a copy of "Ten Lost Years" by Barry Broadfoot, for $1.99, although the cashier only charged me 99 cents. I already have a copy here, but I know that this books is hard to find, so I now have a second copy.

We left and wanted to go back up the road to the third thrift store in town, but it closes at 4:30 every day, and it was then 5pm. Crap on a muffin. So we got the groceries we initially went there for, at the No Frills store. Got a bunch of things, and returned home.

Watched the news and Inner Space. I installed the thing for the shower. Watched a couple episodes of "Hap and Leonard" on Netflix. Patricia was on the chesterfield/couch/sofa/davenport/settee sleeping. She toddled off to bed and I came down here to my home office to write this blog post.

Tomorrow, the plan remains to go to the archives. Let's see if I keep my promise.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Post 3528 - Thursday

Past 11pm.

I am off tomorrow. A three day weekend beckons.

As things stand I think I will be spending at least part of my Friday at the Archives researching more unsolved murders and maybe some media stuff, to boot. Patricia has one, maybe even two, Pilates classes to make up and wants to do some shopping after that, so she can just drop me off and boot scoot around the city. I filled up the gas tank today, so we will see how much petrol she burns tomorrow.

We have spent a quiet evening at home. Both of us dozed off in front of the telly. We had a late dinner. We had sampled some potstickers from Costco a couple of months ago and bought a bag of them. I cooked the contents tonight. They are mostly tasteless. Do you want some?

I think I will turn in. Not working tomorrow, but my dance card is filling up any way.

See you then.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Post 3527 - Wednesday

Past 10pm.

I just sent off my latest media column to my editor at Frank. There is a fair amount of original research in this column, so there is information here you will not find anywhere else, guaranteed. So when the new issue comes out next week, just march your arse to your local news agent and get a copy, why don't you?

A typically long day at work. Worked on my column during my lunch hour. And, after work, I had to hang around for another hour while Patricia was getting a facial. That gave me another hour to finish my rough draft. After we got home I printed off that draft and revised it over dinner. I took a break at 8 and watched "Designated Survivor" before coming downstairs to my home office where I wrote the final draft. I sourced the photographs, a couple of which came from the Archives, and emailed the pics and the article to my editor a few minutes ago.

The rest of the night is all mine. Mine! Mine, I tell you!

Hmm? It's 10:30, and I have to get up in seven hours?


See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Post 3526 - Tuesday

Past 11pm.

Was gonna do hell and all tonight but did almost nothing. Well, watched "Innerspace" and "Making History". "The Flash", and to top it off, the series finale of "Bones".

I never watched that show on a regular basis. Out of the 246 or so episodes they made, I watched maybe 24 of them. Just never really grabbed me. But I decided to watch the finale just to see where the characters would end up. The answer is, pretty much where they were before the final two parter. Their lives will go on, but will no longer be televised.

David Boreanaz already has a potential new job. If the latest pilot he is in is picked up he will have another job for another 10 years or so. He is one of the luckiest actors out there. Most would kill for a full time job. He has been on the air for 20 years now, except for a break after "Angel" was canceled and before "Bones" started.

Anyway, enough of that. Tomorrow promises to be a busy day. During my lunch hour I will have to be writing my latest Frank column. One of those times when I have more material than I can likely squeeze in, so an item or two may be dropped. There will be material in that column you will find nowhere else. I promise.

I guess I will turn in. Have to get up for work in six hours.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, March 27, 2017

Post 3525 - Monday

About 9:40pm.

I am not sure where the day went. We got up and got ready for work. We worked. After work, I bought fixings for dinner and cooked it when we got home. We watched this week's episode of "Billions". Then, believe it or not, 20 minutes or so of "Dancing with the Stars". My mother loved that show. Every time I chance upon it when I am flipping channels, I smile and think of her.

I think I am fighting something the last couple of days. My throat has been a little scratchy, and I think I am narcoleptic. So, if you will excuse me, I think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Post 3524 - Sunday

Past 10:30pm.

Sorry I didn't write on Saturday. I turned in much, much earlier than I meant to.

Saturday morning I went to the Public Archives, there to find some articles about unsolved murders and missing persons cases. I found quite a bit including a couple articles about a Halifax who went hunting in February of 1953 and has never been seen since.

I was re-reading Tim Bousquet's "Dead Wrong" series last week, at least the four parts that have run so far. It's been a year since the most recent chapter ran, and I hope that he resumes the series soon. But I digress.

In part four, Tim discusses unsolved murders of women going back to the 1970's. More than once he cites a series that ran in the Halifax Daily News back in 1991. When I realized that the Archives has 20+ years of that much-missed paper, I was a Bevboy on a mission.

After a couple of hours looking through three different microfilms I found all six parts of that series. That is a good thing. They now reside on my dropbox, which is an even better thing.

Turns out that this series from 1991 also reported some stories that I have covered in Frank. The Michael Resk and Vincent Pius Griffin murders are both discussed. I investigated them last year. In the Daily News piece, the writer, Rod Roberts, reported something that had not occurred to me when I wrote about Vincent Griffin. I wish I had.

Tim Bousquet says that to this day he considers Roberts' pieces from 1991 to be some of the best and most detailed coverage of unsolved murders in Halifax. I mostly agree with him. The first four articles are full-page affairs. The remaining two pieces are much shorter. Even the second article, about Michael Resk, uses a couple of overly-large pictures to fill a full page. I think Roberts was unable to find much information about some of those cases and had to resort to a few tricks to fill pages.

I can tell you that this is not unusual. It is very difficult to investigate these unsolved murders and do it in a way that provides new information and original research, which are two goals that my editor and I want to do each and every time. That's why I can't do one of these articles for every issue of Frank. Sorry, folks. I do my best.

Anyway, after four and a half hours of researching this stuff and finding a few odds and sods for my media column, my stomach was grumbling. I didn't realize it was after 2:30! Time just flies by when I am focused on finding this stuff. I ended up going to the Hali Deli on Agricola Street. We have been there a few times. It is not a fully authentic Jewish deli, but it is the closest to one we likely will ever have in Halifax. As I understand it, true Jewish deli's do not serve milk products, so the vanilla shake I slurped up would be a dead giveaway. I also had a smoked meat sandwich. If there is a better place to get a smoked meat sammich in Halifax, please let me know. I am standing by waiting for your response.

It is past 11pm. I really should hit the hay. Four day work weeks seem to feel like six day ones.

See you tomorrow.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Post 3523 - Friday

Past 10pm.

The weekend is here. The weeks go by slowly. Then, some kind of time warp opens up and the next two days fly by. I don't understand it at all.

My plan is to go to the archives Saturday morning and spend more than a few hours there. The Archives now has its microfilm indexes online, so a fella can type in the name of the newspaper he wants to find stuff in, and then search through that resulting list to find the microfilm box number that contains the desired date(s). Saves the time it takes to do that at the actual Archives. That was a wonderful idea. A pip pip cheerio and all that tommy rot to the folks who decided to do that.

Patricia will likely hang back here at the house tomorrow whilst I am off researching. At least when I am there working alone I don't have to wonder if I am boring another person, just myself.

One thing I learned today is that the old Daily News exists on microfilm there, at least 22 years or so of it. The paper ran through May or so of 2008, and they have issues from 1974 to 1995 or something like that, so a pretty good run of the paper. They always covered crime stories far, far better than the Chronicle Herald ever did. The Herald, for the most part, treated crime as if it were tawdry and beneath them. You wouldn't know there was crime in Halifax by reading that paper. The Daily News changed that, and forced the Herald to start covering crime as well. Competition is a very good thing.

I am excited by the prospect of going to the Archives tomorrow morning. I wish Saturday would just hurry the hell up and get here.

Anyway, after work tonight, I cashed my latest cheque from Frank Magazine. We went to Costco so Patricia could get some meds and so we could get some of the best potato salad this side of Heaven. I wandered by the electronics, as is my wont, and saw they were selling an Acer Iconia One 7 for something like $67. I didn't get it but researched it when I got home. Turns out that this is likely a worse tablet than the Samsung Lite I got in 2015, which is slower than frig and a frustrating experience to say the least.

After that we drove over to Value Village. I always go to the book section. You get five books, and the cheapest one of the lot is free. I got a vampire anthology edited by Otto Penzler, a couple Nova Scotia books, a hardcover book about the 50th anniversary of CBC television, and an oversized paperback about Curly Howard, of the Three Stooges. Nearly unprofessional looking, but it contains lots of family photos and interviews with at least one of his daughters. The five books cost me around $21.00.

Got home. Got in our jammies. Watched the Fifth Estate, which after too many years of spending a full hour on one story has gone back to having two or more stories during its hour. There is much less padding in the stories now, and that is a very good thing. The second story was especially compelling, about a missing persons case that is finally being considered a homicide. At the end of the program, they announced that their youtube channel has a special focus now on the many missing persons cases they have covered over their many years on the air. I must watch them while they're up.

Here's a link to the channel. You're welcome.

Think I will turn in. See

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Post 3522 - Thursday

Past 10pm.

Didn't write last night because my body pretty much shut down quite early. I attended my Toastmasters meeting last night. It ran over time. Driving home took more out of me than normal. Managed to watch Designated Survivor before pretty much collapsing.

Today was busy. My backup is on vacation, so that means I can have tasks stack on top of each other. That hasn't happened yet this week, but the work week is not over yet.

Can't believe that tomorrow is Friday already. Where has the week gone? My goodness, are we heading into a time warp or something?

Time for bed.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Post 3521 - Tuesday

Past 10pm.

I didn't write last night because I wasn't feeling very well. There is some kind of bug going around.

As it turns out there is not much going on. I get up. Go to work. Do the work presented to me. Leave work. Go home. Eat something. Either try to do some stuff for my Frank work or flake out in front of the television. Or some combination of the two.

A couple words about the true crime articles I do for Frank. People think these cases just present themselves. They are the result of hours of digging and scratching and hoping that I can find someone associated with the crimes who's willing to talk to me on the record. You know, a member of the family or close friend or something. I can spend hours and find nobody. Or, I can find someone, and he decides he doesn't want to talk to me after all. It is very disappointing and frustrating.

So, if you know of any unsolved murder or missing persons cases in Nova Scotia that I haven't written about, if you know anyone who might be willing to talk to me regarding such a case, then please write me here. Thank you.

I admire people like Ann Rule or Max Haines or any of the other people who write true crime articles for a bloody living. Well, maybe not Haines. I despise his writing style. But at least they do have to worry too much about coming up with material for their stories.


I think I will call it a night before I start begging.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Post 3520 - Sunday

Pushing 10:30.

Didn't get up until 10. Had been awake for a while. Laying there thinking about stuff.

I cook haddock for brunch. Washed the dishes while Patricia watched that Atlantis special on the Discovery channel. Later on we watched a couple episodes of Netflix's Iron Fist. I will say this much about the show. Of the four Marvel Netflix series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist), this is the only one that is holding Patricia's interest. We have watched the first six episodes. These are the same episodes released to critics prior to the release of the whole series on the 17th. Critics have been dumping on the show something fierce. I concede that they should do something about the pacing, and there is a little too much of the kung fu mumbo jumbo, but overall, it is not bad at all. Not the piece of junk that critics are making it out to be.

Another work week beckons. Yippee. Can hardly wait.

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Post 3519 - Saturday

About 10:45pm.

We did a whirlwind trip to the valley today. Had a couple errands to run in the morning.

Afterward we went to lunch at Callister's in Coldbrook. I remember the place being much better a few years ago. Mom and I used to go there quite frequently. Today's roast turkey dinner was disappointing. The turkey had clearly been cooked some time before and then frozen in anticipation of the day/week/month/year it would be required.

We had better luck down the road at Guy's Frenchy's. Patricia got some nice outfits. I just walked around outside and sat in the car and listened to the satellite radio.

After that, we just kept driving, ending up in Berwick. We ended up dropping by Betty and Earle Fuller's place. Their son, Lyndon, went missing in 1988. Last Summer I wrote a 4 page article about his disappearance in Frank. One of the biggest missing persons cases in this province, ever. Betty wasn't feeling well. Earle was at a funeral. We didn't stay. But Betty did invite us to come back again. She is a very nice lady.

So, we ended up going to the North Mountain Coffee Shop not far away. Very nice place. Just Us! coffee is getting tiresome so we may switch brands to these guys. We wandered up the street to the health food store before returning to the car. We had to admit that Berwick had become an interesting, eclectic place. Like a smaller Wolfville. Next time we visit, which will be soon, we will go to the Union Street Cafe for lunch.

We drove back to Coldbrook and went to Books Galore. Patricia got a few books. I didn't get a doggone thing, which surprised us both. Drove back to the house. Retrieved my little kit bag and a few other things and drove to New Minas. Dropped off a few things at the environment depot before bopping over to Wolfville. The grocery store beckoned so we got some things in there. There are always good deals there.

On the way back home we went to the Bayer's Lake Superstore. Got some Newbie food. Returned home. Newbie was nonchalant but pounced all over us within five minutes of being fed. We watched the current episodes of The Good Fight and Billions. And now, after a very long and trying day, we are turning in.

You have a good night, my lovelies. Talk to you soon.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Post 3518 - Friday


Long week. Exhausted. I will tell you about today, and tomorrow, tomorrow.

See you then.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Post 3517 - Thursday


Patricia had Pilates after work, so I had to hang around my work until after six pm. I got a few extra work things done and just made sure things will be in tip top shape for tomorrow.

I also spent some time on the Facebook page that has really captured my interest in recent weeks. It is the Vintage Paperback and Pulp  Forum. You will find plenty of old covers from old paperbacks that you may or may not recall.

Some of the authors  who wrote stories published in those books are starting to chime in. Just today, Ron Goulart answered one of my questions, about a short story he wrote 50 or so years ago, called "Granny". One of those stories that you cannot quite get out of your head once you've read it. I read it a very long time ago in either an issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, or in a Dell Hitchcock paperback anthology from the 1970's.

I recently chanced upon a Hitchcock anthology in a used book pick up box at the New Minas Sobeys. They sell used books for 25 cents each. I was rummaging through the box a few months ago and pulled out that book, bedraggled, pages wanting to fall out, but decided to check out the table of contents. When I saw that "Granny" was in it, I got the book. The story still holds up, creeping me out in ways it didn't when I first read it a whole bunch of years ago. And, just today, its author confirmed an aspect of that story for me. Which creeped me out even more.

You will find lots of other books about lots of other topics, some of which you might find challenging to your good taste. Be warned. But if you find it interesting, then be prepared to spend a lot of time there.

If you just can't get enough of looking at old book covers, then you should also check out the BookScans database. You can thank me later.

I think I will turn in. My backup is on vacation for the next week and a half so I will likely be a bit busier than normal for a while. Need my rest.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Post 3516 - Lethal Weapon Thoughts

Past 10pm.

Just finished watching the season finale to Lethal Weapon. We have been watching the show all season and liked it quite a bit. But, there was something missing.

In the original four films starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, there was always some irredeemably bad guy in them. Someone who was evil incarnate. Nothing nuanced here. Just a really, really bad guy, with the possible exception of Jet Li in Lethal Weapon IV. We can argue that point if you want.

The tv show had the bad guys of the week, but not until toward the end of the season did we get an idea that there was an overarching mythology associated with the show. Not much carried over from week to week.

They blew all that out of the water tonight.

Not only do we get bad guys we can all hate and scream at as Riggs and Murtaugh fight back, but a character on the show since day one was revealed to be something else. A really fancy bit of footwork there.

If you had any reservations about the Lethal Weapon show, if you loved the films and figured the show would suck, then please banish that notion from your noggin and catch up on the show. Stay home this weekend and catch it on demand.

Oh, "Designated Survivor" was on tonight, too. That was also quite good.

And, I sent in my latest Frank column.

A hat trick of fun.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Post 3515 - Tuesday

Past 10pm.

Wasn't feeling well Monday night. I pretty much slept the night away. Sorry about that.

This is March Break week in Nova Scotia. No schools are open. It means that an awful lot of people are off work with their kids. As a result, traffic is a breeze. Maybe slightly heavier on the way home, but in the mornings, we just sail on through. We didn't leave the house until a moment or two before 7. By 7:30, I was pulling into the parking lot at my work. This was after driving Patricia to within a block of her work and doubling back to where I hang out during the day. A guy could get spoiled.

Plenty of people are off at my work today. This means there is no queue in the men's room. There are far more men at my work than women. I don't have the ratio or anything, but there are more of us than there are of them. The men's room on my floor has two urinals and four stalls. There are times when they are all being used and people are lined up with worried expressions. That is not happening this week. No worried expressions.

I think we have been lucky today in other ways. The much-vaunted storm that was supposed to nail us hard today hasn't been that bad. It is windy this evening, but the snow has already stopped. By the time we get up in the morning, what snow fell earlier will have been washed away by the rain. That means that the young man down the street from me will have to go a little while longer without more of my hardly-earned money. I will make it up to him. Well, maybe not. But you know that thoughts count for something or other.

I have a busy day tomorrow.Work. TM. And finishing my latest media column for Frank. I should probably turn in and make sure I am all pretty for that.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Post 3514 - Sunday

Past 10pm.

I wish I could say I did heck and all today, but I did very little. The time change kicked me arse. I slept in late, and took a nap this afternoon.

We did manage to watch this week's SNL, though. Scarlett Johannson was the co-host. Many of the skits were screamingly funny. I will never think of Olive Garden commercials the same way again.

Heading into another Frank deadline week. Yikes.

I am still a little drained from the time change. Think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Post 3513 - Saturday

Past 11:20pm.

Didn't write last night because my body shut down around 8pm. I did awake around 3:00am this morning. I had been corresponding with someone last night about the Twelve Tribes, those crazy religious people who spirit away gullible, naive people and, among other things, turn them into veritable slaves. I am of the belief that they kidnapped a Nova Scotia man some time ago, if not more than one person. One of my better true crime articles in Frank was about this story. There may be some copies left at the Frank Bunker, so if you are interested, contact my editor.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning I clicked on the links he had sent me whilst I was asleep. They were links to old tv shows/newscasts featuring the Northeast Kingdom Community Church/Twelve Tribes. A couple of them were from the old Journal series that ran on CBC television throughout the 1980's and well into the 1990's. Keith Morrison was the co-host, and he has been at NBC for a long, long time now.

Parts of the broadcast were about the church's attempts to establish a colony in Nova Scotia, Barrington Passage. I know they were in Berwick, and knew something about Barrington Passage. I am not sure where else those crazy bastards were when they were in the province.

I watched those videos on my phone. It was pushing 4am. I had seen them away from Patricia so I didn't disturb her, luckily. But by that time, it was hard to fall back asleep. I found a way.

This morning, Patricia had a class about seeds. I spent that time at the archives researching some future true crime stories for Frank. Didn't find that much. I need to spend a full day there digging through more newspapers on microfilm than I was with less than two and a half hours today.

Afterward, we grabbed some lunch and then went to Chapters in Bayers Lake. It was getting busy there, so we returned home. I printed off here the articles I had downloaded to usb at the archives. I think it costs money to print off stuff at the Archives, but you can write to a thumb drive at no cost.

We watched all six episodes of that CBC production, Pure. It was shot in the province during the Summer and Fall. A ridiculous story line. It's about a community of Mennonites who get involved in the drug trade. For some reason, Rosie Perez shows up from time to time to deliver the world's worst Texan accent.

Also watched the pilot for "Taken", which was another Canadian-shot show. I think I can spot a Canadian-shot show. It looks cheap. The story lines are goofy. And everybody looks cold. The CW shows that film in Vancouver try to overcome those qualities, but do not always succeed.

Clocks go forward tonight. With all the clock radios in the house, that is a major undertaking. Think I will get started.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Post 3512 - Thursday

Past 10:30.

A busy day at work. And a busy one here at home. I have spent the last nearly 3 hours working on an upcoming article for Frank. Just sent in the draft to my editor. Hope he likes it. I will let you know when it runs.

I'm off on Friday, but I have already booked part of my dance card for the day. I have to get up much earlier than I'd like to, in order to run an errand. I will come back here and sleep afterward.

Man, why is the wifi so crappy in this part of the house? It's at like 58%, and the router is just one floor down. It'd likely be a better signal on the top floor. Frigging fibre op.

Tim Horton's Roll-Up-The-Rim-To-Win is likely wrapping up soon. I have only won a single coffee this season. A guy at work keeps giving me his cast off winnings. Some of those potatoes they sell, and a donut. There are terrific prizes this year, but I have not had a sniff of them.

I am wondering, my Canadian readers. What is the biggest prize you have ever won from this contest? The biggest prize a friend of yours has ever won?

Years ago, an old man who used to work for my father, and who died not long after Dad did, won an iPod. He wasn't sure what it was, and hadn't a clue how to use it. I think he was going to give it to a nephew or something. He was perhaps hinting for me to buy it, but I didn't want it. Of course, phones today have all kinds of songs on them. And I still have a Sansa Clip Plus, which has 4gb on board and can accommodate up to... 16gb of additional storage. Can hold thousands of songs. But it also has a built-in FM radio. I use that feature all the bloody time. People think I'm listening to a box of Chiclets.

Do they still make Chiclets?

I think I will turn in. Early day tomorrow.

See you then.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Post 3511 - Wednesday

Past 10pm.

Hi. Did you miss  me?

I wasn't feeling well on Monday night. I pretty much slept the night away. I took a sick day on Tuesday, so no blog post. And, now, here we are.

Since I last wrote, we did a day trip to the Valley. That was on Saturday. I wanted to make sure I had paid off the man who plows out the driveway at my other house. I also investigated some interesting stories for an upcoming Frank media column. It was getting late after the trip to the Guy's Frenchy's in Coldbrook, so we decided to stay the night in the Valley. Netflix and Plex came in handy.

Sunday, around lunch time, we dipped into Wolfville to check out the IGA store and got some half priced items, and some meats at 30% off. Worked out well.

Sunday, we... frig I don't remember. I remember it was fun. Did we go anywhere? Maybe we just stayed inside. I am sure I will think of it later on. Patricia, honey? What did we do on Sunday?

As I stated, I was feeling poorly on Monday. We got home on Monday and that was about it.

Tuesday, I stayed home and rested all day.

Returned to work today.

Now, you're caught up.

First thing Monday we took the car in to the dealership. It was close enough to its 6000 km oil change that we decided to get it done. They were finished by 10:30. They even threw in a cursory car wash. We can once again see what colour the car is!

We have Friday off this week. Just one more day, and I am off for three days. Looking forward to that little break. I plan to go back to the Archives and research some stuff that I will tell you about at a later time.

I think I will turn in, folks.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Post 3510 - Sunday

Pushing 9:30.

We have had a busy weekend. And I am too bushed to tell you about it this evening. How about I tell you about it, tomorrow?

Yeah. Let's do that.

See you then.


Friday, March 3, 2017

Post 3509 - Friday

Past 10pm.

We are finally back home. We went to Value Village after work. Hung around there until 6:30 or so. Patricia offered to pay for dinner and whispered something about Swiss Chalet. Despite the crowds and the lack of parking, we found a space by the Smitties and wandered over.

We were told we'd have to wait 10 minutes or so for a table. Patricia went to the washroom. I was trying to hook up my phone to the wifi when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up and smiled. It was my old friend Elliott and his wife Sandy.

Elliott retired from my work at the end of January. Patricia joined us and we kept chatting. When our table became available, we invited them to sit with us, and they agreed.

Then followed a couple of hours of very pleasant conversation. He is now happily retired. He looks several years younger. Much more relaxed and happy.

Had an excellent time. We must do this again, and soon.

Around 9pm, we left Swiss Chalet and made our way to our cars and drove home. Newbie was waiting by the door, his tail slapping against the wall, probably wondering where his humans had been all day.

Tomorrow promises to be a very long and busy day. I think I will turn in.

You guys have a good one. See you tomorrow.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Post 3508 - Thursday

After 9:30.

Another long day behind me.

Patricia had Pilates class after work. I hung around my work until 6:15 or so. I was FB messaging with the father of a missing man, one of the cases I have discussed in my Frank series.

I spent a bit of time as well trying to track down the next case to write about. There is always a next case to write about. Assuming everyone I contact wants to talk to me, I could be writing about Nova Scotia based unsolved murders and missing persons for years.

We got home and ate something. I had a shower and feel clean again. Friday awaits. The weekend is nearly here. I can hardly wait.

I am going to turn in early because Friday promises to be more of the same.

See you then, my lovelies.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Post 3507 - Grr

Past 10:30.

Just filed my latest (and longest) media column for next week's Frank. Nice to have that under my belt.

We had our bi-weekly Toastmasters meeting tonight. It was a joint meeting, so several people from another club showed up and participated in the meeting. It was very nice to see a full meeting room. We also inducted 3 new members into the club. Another guest was leaving with a membership application.

The Grr thing comes from the parking ticket I had waiting for me when I returned to the car. I ran out of change, so the meter ran out around 5:40, 20 minutes before the parking enforcement folks call it a night. I have the pleasure of paying a $25.00 ticket, $20 if I pay it within seven days.

Fine. I will pay it, but not gladly. I don't like it. I hate going downtown at all. It galls me to have to pay for a parking space, when free parking is in abundance outside of the core. I have to wonder how many others are like me, who resent going downtown and who despise being treated like a criminal when they go there?

That is what the Grr thing is about.

I will pay the ticket in the morning. Too tired tonight.

See you tomorrow.