Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Post 3507 - Grr

Past 10:30.

Just filed my latest (and longest) media column for next week's Frank. Nice to have that under my belt.

We had our bi-weekly Toastmasters meeting tonight. It was a joint meeting, so several people from another club showed up and participated in the meeting. It was very nice to see a full meeting room. We also inducted 3 new members into the club. Another guest was leaving with a membership application.

The Grr thing comes from the parking ticket I had waiting for me when I returned to the car. I ran out of change, so the meter ran out around 5:40, 20 minutes before the parking enforcement folks call it a night. I have the pleasure of paying a $25.00 ticket, $20 if I pay it within seven days.

Fine. I will pay it, but not gladly. I don't like it. I hate going downtown at all. It galls me to have to pay for a parking space, when free parking is in abundance outside of the core. I have to wonder how many others are like me, who resent going downtown and who despise being treated like a criminal when they go there?

That is what the Grr thing is about.

I will pay the ticket in the morning. Too tired tonight.

See you tomorrow.


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