Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Post 3511 - Wednesday

Past 10pm.

Hi. Did you miss  me?

I wasn't feeling well on Monday night. I pretty much slept the night away. I took a sick day on Tuesday, so no blog post. And, now, here we are.

Since I last wrote, we did a day trip to the Valley. That was on Saturday. I wanted to make sure I had paid off the man who plows out the driveway at my other house. I also investigated some interesting stories for an upcoming Frank media column. It was getting late after the trip to the Guy's Frenchy's in Coldbrook, so we decided to stay the night in the Valley. Netflix and Plex came in handy.

Sunday, around lunch time, we dipped into Wolfville to check out the IGA store and got some half priced items, and some meats at 30% off. Worked out well.

Sunday, we... frig I don't remember. I remember it was fun. Did we go anywhere? Maybe we just stayed inside. I am sure I will think of it later on. Patricia, honey? What did we do on Sunday?

As I stated, I was feeling poorly on Monday. We got home on Monday and that was about it.

Tuesday, I stayed home and rested all day.

Returned to work today.

Now, you're caught up.

First thing Monday we took the car in to the dealership. It was close enough to its 6000 km oil change that we decided to get it done. They were finished by 10:30. They even threw in a cursory car wash. We can once again see what colour the car is!

We have Friday off this week. Just one more day, and I am off for three days. Looking forward to that little break. I plan to go back to the Archives and research some stuff that I will tell you about at a later time.

I think I will turn in, folks.

See you tomorrow.


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