Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Post 3515 - Tuesday

Past 10pm.

Wasn't feeling well Monday night. I pretty much slept the night away. Sorry about that.

This is March Break week in Nova Scotia. No schools are open. It means that an awful lot of people are off work with their kids. As a result, traffic is a breeze. Maybe slightly heavier on the way home, but in the mornings, we just sail on through. We didn't leave the house until a moment or two before 7. By 7:30, I was pulling into the parking lot at my work. This was after driving Patricia to within a block of her work and doubling back to where I hang out during the day. A guy could get spoiled.

Plenty of people are off at my work today. This means there is no queue in the men's room. There are far more men at my work than women. I don't have the ratio or anything, but there are more of us than there are of them. The men's room on my floor has two urinals and four stalls. There are times when they are all being used and people are lined up with worried expressions. That is not happening this week. No worried expressions.

I think we have been lucky today in other ways. The much-vaunted storm that was supposed to nail us hard today hasn't been that bad. It is windy this evening, but the snow has already stopped. By the time we get up in the morning, what snow fell earlier will have been washed away by the rain. That means that the young man down the street from me will have to go a little while longer without more of my hardly-earned money. I will make it up to him. Well, maybe not. But you know that thoughts count for something or other.

I have a busy day tomorrow.Work. TM. And finishing my latest media column for Frank. I should probably turn in and make sure I am all pretty for that.

See you tomorrow.


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