Saturday, March 18, 2017

Post 3519 - Saturday

About 10:45pm.

We did a whirlwind trip to the valley today. Had a couple errands to run in the morning.

Afterward we went to lunch at Callister's in Coldbrook. I remember the place being much better a few years ago. Mom and I used to go there quite frequently. Today's roast turkey dinner was disappointing. The turkey had clearly been cooked some time before and then frozen in anticipation of the day/week/month/year it would be required.

We had better luck down the road at Guy's Frenchy's. Patricia got some nice outfits. I just walked around outside and sat in the car and listened to the satellite radio.

After that, we just kept driving, ending up in Berwick. We ended up dropping by Betty and Earle Fuller's place. Their son, Lyndon, went missing in 1988. Last Summer I wrote a 4 page article about his disappearance in Frank. One of the biggest missing persons cases in this province, ever. Betty wasn't feeling well. Earle was at a funeral. We didn't stay. But Betty did invite us to come back again. She is a very nice lady.

So, we ended up going to the North Mountain Coffee Shop not far away. Very nice place. Just Us! coffee is getting tiresome so we may switch brands to these guys. We wandered up the street to the health food store before returning to the car. We had to admit that Berwick had become an interesting, eclectic place. Like a smaller Wolfville. Next time we visit, which will be soon, we will go to the Union Street Cafe for lunch.

We drove back to Coldbrook and went to Books Galore. Patricia got a few books. I didn't get a doggone thing, which surprised us both. Drove back to the house. Retrieved my little kit bag and a few other things and drove to New Minas. Dropped off a few things at the environment depot before bopping over to Wolfville. The grocery store beckoned so we got some things in there. There are always good deals there.

On the way back home we went to the Bayer's Lake Superstore. Got some Newbie food. Returned home. Newbie was nonchalant but pounced all over us within five minutes of being fed. We watched the current episodes of The Good Fight and Billions. And now, after a very long and trying day, we are turning in.

You have a good night, my lovelies. Talk to you soon.


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