Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Post 3521 - Tuesday

Past 10pm.

I didn't write last night because I wasn't feeling very well. There is some kind of bug going around.

As it turns out there is not much going on. I get up. Go to work. Do the work presented to me. Leave work. Go home. Eat something. Either try to do some stuff for my Frank work or flake out in front of the television. Or some combination of the two.

A couple words about the true crime articles I do for Frank. People think these cases just present themselves. They are the result of hours of digging and scratching and hoping that I can find someone associated with the crimes who's willing to talk to me on the record. You know, a member of the family or close friend or something. I can spend hours and find nobody. Or, I can find someone, and he decides he doesn't want to talk to me after all. It is very disappointing and frustrating.

So, if you know of any unsolved murder or missing persons cases in Nova Scotia that I haven't written about, if you know anyone who might be willing to talk to me regarding such a case, then please write me here. Thank you.

I admire people like Ann Rule or Max Haines or any of the other people who write true crime articles for a bloody living. Well, maybe not Haines. I despise his writing style. But at least they do have to worry too much about coming up with material for their stories.


I think I will call it a night before I start begging.

See you tomorrow.


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