Friday, March 24, 2017

Post 3523 - Friday

Past 10pm.

The weekend is here. The weeks go by slowly. Then, some kind of time warp opens up and the next two days fly by. I don't understand it at all.

My plan is to go to the archives Saturday morning and spend more than a few hours there. The Archives now has its microfilm indexes online, so a fella can type in the name of the newspaper he wants to find stuff in, and then search through that resulting list to find the microfilm box number that contains the desired date(s). Saves the time it takes to do that at the actual Archives. That was a wonderful idea. A pip pip cheerio and all that tommy rot to the folks who decided to do that.

Patricia will likely hang back here at the house tomorrow whilst I am off researching. At least when I am there working alone I don't have to wonder if I am boring another person, just myself.

One thing I learned today is that the old Daily News exists on microfilm there, at least 22 years or so of it. The paper ran through May or so of 2008, and they have issues from 1974 to 1995 or something like that, so a pretty good run of the paper. They always covered crime stories far, far better than the Chronicle Herald ever did. The Herald, for the most part, treated crime as if it were tawdry and beneath them. You wouldn't know there was crime in Halifax by reading that paper. The Daily News changed that, and forced the Herald to start covering crime as well. Competition is a very good thing.

I am excited by the prospect of going to the Archives tomorrow morning. I wish Saturday would just hurry the hell up and get here.

Anyway, after work tonight, I cashed my latest cheque from Frank Magazine. We went to Costco so Patricia could get some meds and so we could get some of the best potato salad this side of Heaven. I wandered by the electronics, as is my wont, and saw they were selling an Acer Iconia One 7 for something like $67. I didn't get it but researched it when I got home. Turns out that this is likely a worse tablet than the Samsung Lite I got in 2015, which is slower than frig and a frustrating experience to say the least.

After that we drove over to Value Village. I always go to the book section. You get five books, and the cheapest one of the lot is free. I got a vampire anthology edited by Otto Penzler, a couple Nova Scotia books, a hardcover book about the 50th anniversary of CBC television, and an oversized paperback about Curly Howard, of the Three Stooges. Nearly unprofessional looking, but it contains lots of family photos and interviews with at least one of his daughters. The five books cost me around $21.00.

Got home. Got in our jammies. Watched the Fifth Estate, which after too many years of spending a full hour on one story has gone back to having two or more stories during its hour. There is much less padding in the stories now, and that is a very good thing. The second story was especially compelling, about a missing persons case that is finally being considered a homicide. At the end of the program, they announced that their youtube channel has a special focus now on the many missing persons cases they have covered over their many years on the air. I must watch them while they're up.

Here's a link to the channel. You're welcome.

Think I will turn in. See

See you tomorrow.


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