Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Post 3526 - Tuesday

Past 11pm.

Was gonna do hell and all tonight but did almost nothing. Well, watched "Innerspace" and "Making History". "The Flash", and to top it off, the series finale of "Bones".

I never watched that show on a regular basis. Out of the 246 or so episodes they made, I watched maybe 24 of them. Just never really grabbed me. But I decided to watch the finale just to see where the characters would end up. The answer is, pretty much where they were before the final two parter. Their lives will go on, but will no longer be televised.

David Boreanaz already has a potential new job. If the latest pilot he is in is picked up he will have another job for another 10 years or so. He is one of the luckiest actors out there. Most would kill for a full time job. He has been on the air for 20 years now, except for a break after "Angel" was canceled and before "Bones" started.

Anyway, enough of that. Tomorrow promises to be a busy day. During my lunch hour I will have to be writing my latest Frank column. One of those times when I have more material than I can likely squeeze in, so an item or two may be dropped. There will be material in that column you will find nowhere else. I promise.

I guess I will turn in. Have to get up for work in six hours.

See you tomorrow.


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