Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Post 3527 - Wednesday

Past 10pm.

I just sent off my latest media column to my editor at Frank. There is a fair amount of original research in this column, so there is information here you will not find anywhere else, guaranteed. So when the new issue comes out next week, just march your arse to your local news agent and get a copy, why don't you?

A typically long day at work. Worked on my column during my lunch hour. And, after work, I had to hang around for another hour while Patricia was getting a facial. That gave me another hour to finish my rough draft. After we got home I printed off that draft and revised it over dinner. I took a break at 8 and watched "Designated Survivor" before coming downstairs to my home office where I wrote the final draft. I sourced the photographs, a couple of which came from the Archives, and emailed the pics and the article to my editor a few minutes ago.

The rest of the night is all mine. Mine! Mine, I tell you!

Hmm? It's 10:30, and I have to get up in seven hours?


See you tomorrow.


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