Thursday, March 30, 2017

Post 3528 - Thursday

Past 11pm.

I am off tomorrow. A three day weekend beckons.

As things stand I think I will be spending at least part of my Friday at the Archives researching more unsolved murders and maybe some media stuff, to boot. Patricia has one, maybe even two, Pilates classes to make up and wants to do some shopping after that, so she can just drop me off and boot scoot around the city. I filled up the gas tank today, so we will see how much petrol she burns tomorrow.

We have spent a quiet evening at home. Both of us dozed off in front of the telly. We had a late dinner. We had sampled some potstickers from Costco a couple of months ago and bought a bag of them. I cooked the contents tonight. They are mostly tasteless. Do you want some?

I think I will turn in. Not working tomorrow, but my dance card is filling up any way.

See you then.


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