Friday, March 31, 2017

Post 3529 - Friday

Past 10pm.

I didn't make it to the Archives today. That is still on tap for Saturday. Today, we drove to Tantallon because the bracket thingy that held the shower hose and nozzle in place broke, so I had to replace it. The hardware store there had them for about 8 dollars each, so I got it. We went next door to Otis and Clementines, where Patricia got two books, and I didn't get a damn thing.

We decided to drive to Spryfield to get some groceries. We were hungry so we drove around for a place to eat, which turned out to be an excellent place called Station Six. It is where the KFC used to be. Terrific food and ambience. We can't wait to go back.

From there we decided to hit the used clothing stores. We started with the Frenchy's that is below the Canadian Tire. You wouldn't even think it was there unless someone told you it was. Patricia got a few things. I got nothing. We then went to the Salvation Army thrift store up the road. Patricia got a few items of clothing. I sifted through the books and discovered a whole bottom shelf full of books by Rex Stout.

Rex Stout is best known for writing mystery novels featuring his detective Nero Wolfe. I have a few of those books in my collection. Never read any of them, but I know they are highly regarded. They had a passel of them there today, so I got them all. They also had a few Ruth Rendell novels there, so I got them. And they had a copy of "Ten Lost Years" by Barry Broadfoot, for $1.99, although the cashier only charged me 99 cents. I already have a copy here, but I know that this books is hard to find, so I now have a second copy.

We left and wanted to go back up the road to the third thrift store in town, but it closes at 4:30 every day, and it was then 5pm. Crap on a muffin. So we got the groceries we initially went there for, at the No Frills store. Got a bunch of things, and returned home.

Watched the news and Inner Space. I installed the thing for the shower. Watched a couple episodes of "Hap and Leonard" on Netflix. Patricia was on the chesterfield/couch/sofa/davenport/settee sleeping. She toddled off to bed and I came down here to my home office to write this blog post.

Tomorrow, the plan remains to go to the archives. Let's see if I keep my promise.

See you tomorrow.


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