Monday, April 3, 2017

Post 3531 - Monday

Past 10pm.

I'm sorry I didn't write on Sunday. It was a literal day of rest. I wasn't feeling well at all. I slept in late and nodded off during lunch. I went upstairs for a nap and slept until 4:30 or so, at which time I went downstairs to the recroom where I rested for a lot longer. Then, I went to bed.

I felt fine today.

Go figure.

My body has worked this way for most of my life. I still remember my first day of Grade Three. I was eight. It was the first year we had to stay the extra hour. I got home from school and collapsed in a heap on the couch. My poor mother! After a nap I felt better. But ever since then, when I have a trying day, or a migraine creeps up on me, the only answer (if I don't have any of those Zomig pills, which I don't right now) is to sleep off the headache, or the exhaustion, until it goes away. They could probably write about my situation in a medical journal, have it peer reviewed, and still think it was so much bull feces.

Today was a typical day of work. Moments when I was run off my feet. Moments when there was a lull. Tonight, I made dinner, after which we watched this week's episode of The Good Fight, followed by the first episode of Feud, about the absolute hatred between actresses Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, especially during the filming of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. You should be watching this show. Excellent.

I was gonna write about something tonight that really ticked me off today. It is a topic I have covered here on this blog before. But it is getting late, and I would have to download some source materials. I will do that tomorrow night.

Look for it then.


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