Friday, April 7, 2017

Post 3535 - Friday

Past 11pm.

Patricia is upstairs watching Game of Thrones. I am down here, typing away. Are you grateful that I am doing this for you?

Well, I haven't been just dwelling on 50 year ago Halifax travesties. I have been living my life, too. Thursday, after work, we went to Fredie's Fantastic Fish and Chips in Bayer's Lake. We had not been there since the renovations. It is, I don't know, maybe 30% bigger, but they are already bursting at the seams. The food is as good as ever.

After that, we went to see a movie I had won passes to. "Maudie" is about the life and times of Maud Lewis, the Nova Scotia folk artist who's apparently world-renowned, but my American readers have likely never heard of her, unless they follow folk art, and they probably don't.

It was a very good film. Ewan McGregor plays her husband Everett. Perfect casting, if only because Ewan McGregor has owned property in Nova Scotia for many years now. Apparently he accepted the part without even reading the script.

We went home and went to bed and got up and worked all day. Tonight, we watched a film that had been previewed in front of Maudie. It is called "I, Daniel Blake". It is a British film, so I had a hard time wondering what the hell people were saying. But it is also very good. It is about an older man who has a heart attack and is trying to collect benefits to support himself until he is able to return to work. The Kafkaesque bureaucracy in the U.K. is only slightly less impersonal and uncaring than it is in Canada, and the film traces his downward spiral to gaining a measure of dignity. You really should see this film.

I explored the movies in my plex and landed on "Abandoned", starring the late Brittany Murphy. Had never heard of the film before, but we were in a generous mood so we watched it. A decent little thriller. What I would have called a 99 cent rental back when we rented movies from Blockbuster. As Leonard Maltin once noted, people can be very forgiving toward a movie they watch at the cottage when there is nothing else to do. Tonight, we were forgiving toward "Abandoned". See if you wish. I have seen far worse.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and I think I know what I'm gonna do. It just depends on whether I have the energy to get up and do those things. I am... hopeful.

Will tell you about it then.

See you tomorrow.



Michael Cranston said...

I think you meant Ethan Hawke (Maudie)

Bevboy said...

Yes. Yes, I did. Ethan Hawke. Thanks again, Mike.