Sunday, April 9, 2017

Post 3537 - Sunday Slowdown

Past 11pm.

Slept in because Sunday. Got up. We discussed going out for breakfast, but decided to stay in. I cooked steak and eggs and brewed coffee. After lunch, and doing some laundry, we ventured into Bayer's Lake to get some groceries.

The people who "own" Bayer's Lake, whoever these developers are, are keeping things pretty quiet, when it comes to the vast expansions planned for the next couple of years. They have cleared a tremendous amount of land behind where stores like Staples and Dollarama and the others ones on that side of the park. I have read somewhere that the existing Wal*Mart will move to that new area, and become much larger. There is talk of other stores that presently do not exist, opening up there. But even so, there is a tremendous amount of land that is being cleared and not all of that land is spoken for. What have you heard?

We got back to the house and watched this week's The Good Fight, which is the penultimate episode in its first season. Not sure how they will resolve the plot threads by next week. We watched some other stuff to clear space on the pvr. I had my shower, so I am good for another fortnight.

Another weekend is over. A four day work week this week and next. A fella could get used to that.

See you tomorrow.


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