Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Post 3540 - Ha! No! Really! Ha!Ha!Ha!

Past 11pm.

Just put my Frank Magazine media column to bed. More exclusive content in there. How much will you pay now?

So, we were driving home tonight. We usually take the Bicentennial and then the exit to the Bay Road, to Timberlea. But tonight, we need to get a couple groceries so we decided to drive through Fairview, up Lacewood to the Sobeys in Clayton Park.

We encountered this young man on a scooter or moped of some kind. He was hauling some kind of cart behind him. He was just booting along. The moped was making that little noise like a laboured lawn mower. He would have to peddle from time to time to keep momentum. We passed him because he was in the way. As we passed him, Patricia held up her arms as if she were driving a moped and made noises similar to the moped. We laughed because, well, mopeds.

A couple of minutes later, as we were approaching the lights at... Dunbrack I think it is. The lights there just before you reach the RBC and the Sobeys? We heard our little friend behind us. He went up on the sidewalk, highly illegal. As he passed us, he gave us the finger on both hands. Then he made that little gesture as if he were touching himself. At the intersection, he parked and glowered at us as we drove past. Fingers were raised at us. We returned the favour.

Rather than upset us, it sort of made my day. I giggled a few times at Sobeys. I nearly burst out laughing at the checkout, which didn't make Patricia very happy.

On the way home I kept thinking about that little twerp. Why had we ticked him off so much that he would ride up on the sidewalk and risk getting caught just so he could glare at us and give us the finger? Is his life so empty, so devoid of incident, so eventless, that he had to take his frustration out on us?

Yeah. I guess it is, which is why he did.

Doesn't make it any less funny.

See you tomorrow.


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