Monday, April 24, 2017

Post 3547 - Monday Night

Well, Bevboy feels foolish.

I wrote Sunday night's blog post, but I forgot to publish it. I apologize for that. I was wondering why people didn't write and praise me for its beauty and elegance. Now, I know.

So, you get two blog posts today. How much will you pay now?

First day back to work, man. A long day. I did hear that my editor was pleased with my latest true crime article. It will likely go up in next week's Frank. I will keep you posted. I think it is one of my better articles, and I hope you agree.

I have begun researching a topic for my latest Frank media column. It may cause me some grief and aggravation when it goes up, but that is something that Frank loves, and the topic is something that I have wondered about for a very long time. Now, I have the sources at my disposal to answer the question more effectively than I ever could before I had the column. I hope to get some answers to that question in the coming 48 hours. You will know what I mean when that column is published next week.

Sorry to be so enigmatic, but that content, you have to pay for. Enigmas are free, though.

I think I will turn in. You take care of yourselves and enjoy the "extra" blog post.

See you tomorrow.


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