Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Post 3549 - Another Day Gone

Pushing 10pm.

I just sent off my latest media column to my editor. I told him today that it is either my best column, or my worst one. I am too close to the material and the subject matter to have any degree of objectivity. Read it for yourself when it goes live next week.

At coffee today, they were running the Live with Kelly show at the deli we frequent. They showed that new app that takes a person's face and adds special filters to change it in unique ways. Adam happened to have that app and got a picture of yours truly, running it through those filters. Here is how it turned out.

The upper left is the real image of me. I look haggard, even old. Then, Adam ran the pic through filters. My fave is the smiling one. The teeth look creepy AF as the kids say today.

There was a filter that is supposed to make you look old, but in my case, it made me look younger, so Adam didn't bother keeping it.

That was fun. Real fun.

Tomorrow and Friday I will be at a security conference. There will be panels about various data security topics. I look forward to attending as many as I can. I expect both days to be busy ones.

You guys have a good evening. Talk at you tomorrow.


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