Friday, April 28, 2017

Post 3550 - The Weekend Is Here!

Pushing 10:30.

It's two days later. I spent the last two days attending a computer security conference in downtown Halifax. My goodness, my head was swimming Thursday night. I turned in early.

Today's was nearly as hectic. During one session, I began to nod off. I pray that I didn't actually fall asleep because I was sitting in the second row and the guy could see me if I did. The topic was interesting enough, but the day had grown long, the chair was comfy, and my eyes grew heavy.

There were door prizes. At lunch they drew for most of them. The guy sitting on each side of me won something nice. They drew for the grand prizes just before 5pm. The guy sitting next to me won an iPhone 7. I'm ... happy for them. Yeah. Let's go with that.

The weekend is in a fluid state. I am not sure what I will do tomorrow. Let's find out, shall we?

See you then.


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