Monday, May 1, 2017

Post 3552 - The Last Few Days

Pushing ten pm.

So, the last couple of days.

I went to the Valley Saturday morning, by myself. Left Newbie and Patricia behind. Wanted to check out the house. I no longer announce when I will go down there. I have sound reasons for not announcing this. I don't want to get into them here. Sorry.

If you want to hook up with me when I'm in the valley, let me know beforehand and I can work it out with you.

Anyway, the house was fine. I ran a few errands but was settled in for the night by mid-afternoon. I started working my way through the audio files associated with the next true crime article for Frank Magazine. I had a couple of beer while I was working away. Even though I was using the headphones, I still had the radio on next to me at the computer desk, tuned into the K-Rock Saturday night all request show.

I returned to the city Sunday afternoon. As was in keeping with other visits there, I returned tired, so I napped for a couple of hours before deciding to take the rest of the day off.

Work today was uneventful. I had brought back from the valley the Soul's all season tires. I learned today that it will be a full two weeks before we can get the snow tires removed. What a drag. Mid-May while still driving on snow tires. I am hoping they are not overly damaged. I am told that it is not a good idea to drive on snow tires once the good weather hits. Or is that an old wive's tale?

The new Frank Magazine went online today. I have three articles in there. My usual media column. An article about an unsolved murder. And a neat little interview with Vera Lynn, conducted in 1978. It was on a cassette tape that I dubbed this Winter from the family of the man who used to work in radio in the Valley, who interviewed plenty of celebrities back in the day. I have a full six and a half pages in this issue of Frank, and my editor would like me to keep up that kind of output for a few issues at least. I will do what I can. Strike while the iron is hot. May hay while the sun shines. Et cetera.

All of this content, by the way, will never appear here on this blog. Not gonna happen. You have to take money from your damned pocket and go to the newsstand and buy it. The articles are long enough that you can't sneak peek them at the grocery store while you're waiting to buy your victuals. Besides, they are of such high quality that you will want to keep referring to the articles for years and years.

I think I will turn in. I need some shuteye.

See you tomorrow.


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