Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Post 3554 - Something to Consider

Pushing 11pm.

I just sent off a draft of my next true crime article to my editor at Frank. It's more than a week before the final deadline. I'm happy to have it under my belt. Assuming it is okay, my editor will be happy to have it done and locked and loaded for the next issue.

I will be transcribing a 1970's era interview for the next Frank, too. I'm told that lunch hours are a good time to kick back and relax and eat something. But it is about the only time I will have to do this other work.

And, of course, Friday is the special assignment day. Taking a vacation day and everything. Looking forward to it.

There is a guy in town named Robert Devet. He has an online publication called the Nova Scotia Advocate. Lots and lots of SJW stuff that becomes tiresome after a while. Patricia knows the guy. Recently they were advertising on Facebook for freelance writers. They pay real money and everything. They went on to state that you didn't have to have any real writing ability. They will take whatever stream-of-consciousness stuff that rolls off your fingertips, decipher it via a method known only to them, write it so that it makes sense to people who know how to read, and then publish it in their fine, fine online publication. After that is over, they will decide what to pay you.

Anyway, Patricia suggested I pitch some ideas to Robert Devet.

I've met him. He seems like a nice guy and everything. I'm sorry that he lost his wife so suddenly, several years ago. But I have no interest in writing that kind of material. And, quite frankly, Frank Magazine is keeping me busier and busier. I have three articles in the current issue, and hope to have that many for the next issue, maybe even the issue after that. I have no time to come up with a pitch for the NS Advocate, and no interest in doing so, even if I did.

But you can. If you live in these here parts and wanna make a little extra money, and feel you can get behind writing about social welfare issues, then write Robert Devet and send him your pitches. There are too few writing opportunities out there for writers, and I am getting more and more work from Frank, so you can rest assured I will not try to go after this market, too. Contact him here.

Tomorrow is my Friday. Looking forward to my day off.

See you tomorrow.


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