Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Post 3558 - Well, Well, Well!

Why, hello, you!

Last night I wrote that I was getting far too many notifications with certain Facebook updates. A couple of my Constant Readers took the time to tell me that you can just click on the little down arrow by any FB notification and select the option for turning off notifications. Thank you, Ken and KellyAnne.

Ken also supplied some prospective blog post titles. Here they are:

-Lord it's hard to be humble... about my hair.
-The saga of my hair continues.
-Valley born & maybe proud of it.
-So, what is this thing called hockey?
-I'm going to call it a night...  never mind
-It's pushing 10:00.
-Live & direct from Newbie's house.

I will use all of these titles, except maybe the one about what time it is. I hadn't noticed that I was putting the current time in my blog posts to such a degree that people would notice. I am now aware of this, in the same way that someone at  Toastmasters points out a nervous tic or walk or wink that I may effect.

The hair ones are low-hanging fruit. Of course I will write about my hair. There is almost no subject I would rather write about. I could go on for hours and hours. And because of Ken's wonderful suggestions, there will be more!

Valley stuff? Of course. In the top five of things I like to write about.

Hockey? What the hell is that? Is it, perhaps, a team sport or something? I must jump on Wikipedia and find out.

And Newbie? Of course. Posts about Newbie practically write themselves.

Maybe I could write a post about the time I had Newbie with me in the Valley while I was doing my hair. Man, that would be a good one!

In all honesty, please keep sending along blog post title suggestions. They will be used in future blog posts. As you can see, I have come up with a new label for this promising series, "Suggested_Blog_Post_Titles.

(Labels in Blogger are the equivalent to hashtags in Twitter, in case you were wondering.)

The excitement all starts tomorrow, folks. Watch this space.


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