Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Post 3564 - A Wonderful Night

Got home from a pretty good Toastmasters meeting earlier tonight. Not that many people, but we had two guests, which is only a good thing.

We had a debate. The resolution was along the lines of whether a political candidate's social media history should be a determining factor in whether that person should seek political office. We have had three such people be forced to drop out of the Nova Scotia election campaign in the last week or so, because of tweets or FB updates that they wrote years ago.

Nobody is without sin. We have all said and done things we should not have. Have we set the bar so high that A) nobody can vault over it; and B) nobody would even want to bother trying? It's the second one that scares me the most. If you get people of high quality who would really make a good difference in Nova Scotia, but they wrote a dumb dumb tweet six years ago, should they bear the burden of that mistake for the rest of their lives? Or if they didn't do that, but just don't want the scrutiny into their private lives that seeking a political office seemingly requires, then we may be missing out on some really good representatives. Not sure if I am stating it very well. It's late.

The PRO side won the resolution, by the way.

I may be beat to heck, but even after 25 years of Toastmasters meetings, I always feel better after a meeting is over than I did before it starts. It is the strangest thing. 

After TM was over, we went to the Superstore on Young Street, which is where my pharmacy is. I had left work early today to go see my doctor. He renewed some meds for me, so I picked them up tonight.

Watched the season ender of "Designated Survivor". It ended on a pretty decent cliffhanger. I look forward to what they do in season two. I just hope they do something about the pacing issues on the show. We started to watch an episode of "Bosch" on Crave, but Patricia was getting tired, so she toddled off to bed.

Patricia has Pilates after work tomorrow. You can guess how excited I am about that.

See you tomorrow. Keep smiling.


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Ken said...

I think the view of social media usage by politicians is a generational thing, Bev. The three leaders are older men who look out to the electorate and see that the older voters are the demographic who are most likely to get out and vote. They want those votes and therefore take a hardline view. That will change going forward and will be much less of an issue, if any.