Thursday, May 18, 2017

Post 3565 - I Wonder Why?

Okay, so, after  work I had to hang around for a while because Patricia had Pilates. I heard that another murder case had been added to the province's list of awards for major unsolved crimes.

I found a bit of online information about this person. Located his obituary. Found some family members. After some digging, I found his sister on Facebook. Messaged her.

About an hour ago, whilst washing dishes, she wrote me back. Says she's interested in talking to me about her brother. I told her to go check out the most recent issue of Frank, as my latest article is there, right on page nine, and is three pages long.

Every time I think I have hit a brick wall with this true crime series, something happens. Something falls in place. And I get a lead on another story.

Why do other news media not do this again? Too much work? They have five other stories to do that day? Unsolved murders are not a priority to them? They can't be bothered? It is just easier to go to the police website, get the information there, and "present" it as a new article?

I wonder why? You tell me.

See you tomorrow.


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