Monday, May 22, 2017

Post 3567 - Three Days Later

Well, hello there.

I didn't write on Saturday because come that evening, I was tired. We had spent hours that day running the roads. Patricia and I attended a talk at the Tantallon library about vegetable gardening. We thought it would go on for the full afternoon but after about 75 minutes it was announced that the session would reconvene at a woman's house, where people would be put to work in the fields. We bailed. I'm sorry. Wrong word. We ran for the door.

We ended up going to Lefty's Bar and Grill for a late lunch. We each had bangers and mash, were most delicious, but started off with Irish Nachos. They are thinner, like a potato chip, and everything was smothered in cheese and onions and bacon bits. We loved them. They were 100x better than the nachos we had had the night before.

Patricia wanted to go to the Lee Valley in Bayer's Lake. We did. After that, we went to Value Village. I found some interesting local history books. For whatever reason, VV is becoming an excellent place to purchase books about local history. People must be clearing out their collections and donating them to VV.

We got home around 7pm. Stayed in and watched episodes of The Outsiders on Crave TV. I am not sure how I feel about season two. One was building toward some kind of war between the town folks and the mountain people, but in season two, they still are. Is it a budgetary thing or something?

Sunday morning, I drove to the Valley by myself. I wanted to mow the lawn at the house down there. In keeping with my policy, I did not announce it here on the blog, my twitter, my facebook. I arrived just in time to see a neighbor finishing a rough mow. The grass was apparently very high. I had not had a chance to go there for a few weeks. I thanked him.

We got to talking about my true crime series in Frank Magazine, which he says he loves. I told him why I cannot do one for every bi-weekly issue. We discussed a couple of the Valley missing persons cases. He asked me whether I had ever received a late night phone call from someone warning me away from writing about these cases.

I replied that nobody had, but perhaps I should have mentioned the time someone threatened to sue me over one of my articles. Nothing ever came from it, and nothing ever will. People often threaten to sue as a way to discourage the so-called offending party, but suing is not something that one enters into lightly. It is not for the faint of heart. It is expensive in any sense of the word. My editor even expressed pride in me for having had my first law suit threat. He told me he felt a little verklempt about it.

Anyway, I went into the house and hooked up a device to the tv so I could get sound from the stereo. The tv only had one of those new coax cables, and the stereo had no such attachment. Had to buy an adapter thingy whose output was the familiar RCA jacks. Works like a charm. Same arrangement as upstairs, by the way.

I went into New Minas. Went to the Value Village there and donated an old computer monitor. Went in and found yet more local history books, and got ones I did not already have. One was by a local... eccentric named Ted Hennigar, who wrote several books in the 1960's and 1970's containing content one could find nowhere else. Local history. Local folklore. Not sure what to make of this guy, but my parents had several of his books, some of which were barely above the level of pamphlet.

I returned to the house and whipper snipped around the property. The anti-histamine I took made me groggy and I fell asleep early, after watching just one episode of Netflix's "The Keepers", one of those long-form murder mysteries they do so very well.

I got up this morning. Made coffee and breakfast. Did some cleaning up. And packed my bags and returned to the city.

Been doing not that much since I came back. I am always tired upon a return trip from the Valley. I am not sure why.

Anyway, that's where I am at. Another three day weekend is behind me. A shortened work week yawns before me. And I think I will yawn before it.

You guys have a good night. Talk at you tomorrow.


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