Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Post 3568 - Why, I Oughta!

Man, what a long day at work.

First day back after a pretty good long weekend. The weather was terrible. Rained all day. Matched my mood.

I had a dental appointment today at 11. I made sure I was there early because I love to go there so much. I got some... well, let's go with "news". The hygienist told that the previous dentist at the practice had left, and is frig knows where now. The new dentist on staff wants fresh x-rays of her patients. I have a gag reflex the likes of which are hard for mere mortals to contemplate. I fight the hygienists every step of the way. I can't help it. X-Rays are the worst. We nearly come to blows. Once again, I can't help it.

They are urging me to try out another dentist, at least for things like X-Rays. Deal with a dentist who uses something to relax me, maybe even put me out. Not fussy about that. They are putting in a referral, and will call me about that soon.

I don't like how this is being handled. They could have picked up the phone and told me about this issue, rather than wait for me to show up for an appointment that never happened. I psyched myself up to go in for the teeth cleaning or whatever fresh hell they had in store for me. Dwelled on it for days and days. Then, I show up, and they all but kick me out. Makes me want to go to another dentist, if only to spite them.

There is a dentist here in Timberlea. They are open most nights until 8pm. Here is their website. Been there. Seems nice. And I like to support local where I can.

I think I will give them a call. Perhaps I will even drop by after work later on this week. It can't hurt.

Even if everything else about going to the dentist does.

See you tomorrow.


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