Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Post 3573 - Yawn!

I have spent the last few hours watching the elections results on tv and listening to them on the radio. CTV should be ashamed of itself for its coverage. They had a political panel, but barely used them. They went to commercials every few minutes, losing continuity and credibility.

I am a civil servant. I cannot really comment publicly on how these elections turn out. I can only say that this situation, where it looks more and more like a Liberal minority government, will be interesting. Very interesting.

Patricia remains sick. I left work early to take her to the walk-in clinic in Tantallon. We got there only to learn that they had closed at 4pm. Obviously closed early so staff could go out and vote, which is their right. Doesn't help us. It just means I will be late for work in the morning.

I also worked this evening on my next true crime piece for the next issue of Frank, out in two weeks. I am not happy with the draft I wrote this evening, so I will hack and slash at it  during my lunch hour on Wednesday. I will make the changes to make it look pretty and may send it to my editor tomorrow night, a day and a half earlier than I had originally promised.

I think I will turn in for the evening. Long day tomorrow.


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