Monday, June 5, 2017

Post 3575 - Outrages

Wow. A blog post, two nights in a row. How much will you pay now?

Patricia and I returned to work this morning. But, at lunch time, she asked me to take her back to the doctor's in Tantallon. Last week, we were in and out of there in an hour. Today, it was pretty close to two hours. The doctor ended up excusing her from work for the next two days.

Afterward, we got some stuff at the nearby Superstore. We drove home, and I proceeded to cook a bunch of things, including a chicken pot pie, some mac and cheese, heated some of those Cavendish fries we like too much. We also snacked on some chicken drumsticks. There is plenty left over to add to what was still left over from dinner on Sunday. Meals for the next couple of days. Except that I plan to do a haddock fish fry on Tuesday.

At the superstore I noticed the prices on some items. Some things were reasonable. Some things, like fish, were through the roof. They had at 50% off, a mix and match cooked salmon steak package. Two for twelve dollars. Two steaks, and they were not large. At half price, each steak was three dollars, which is barely a reasonable price. The fact that they were originally six dollars is downright offensive.

We are not wealthy people. We pinch pennies like everybody else. But what about the folks who make, like, much less than we do? How are they coping? What are they eating? Have they dropped meat as a frivolous waste of money, and resorted to growing veggies in a raised area on the verandas? Or, if like us, they have a small backyard, do they have a garden? Or, do they just buy what ever foodstuffs their meager budget can handle?

And don't get me started on housing. They are building more and more condo's and townhouses, at "price points" that, were I about to purchase my first home, I'd have to throw up my hands and remain in a rental situation. Even in my neighbourhood, homes are reaching $200 000 for a two level semi detached home with  a very small backyard and even a smaller front lawn. I am not sure where the value is in that.


So, like a fool, because that is what I am from time to time, I ordered a satellite dish for the house in the valley. Even though I am not there that much. Because I am a fool sometimes. I was led to believe that the cost of the programming would be added to the monthly phone/internet/tv bill here in Halifax. Turns out I was wrong. Because I'm a fool sometimes.

I discontinued the service late last month. I got a call from them last week wondering where their money was. I will pay the full amount in the coming days, but I am inclined never to do business with Bell Canada again. They are just so casual about how they do business that it is incredibly easy to misunderstand silly things like billing.

The kicker is that the physical dish is now attached to the house and remains a lovely parting gift. But the receiver has to be returned through Purolator. I was told they would send me "a box and a return label" in the mail, into which I was to place the receiver and upon which I was supposed to place the label before delivering it to a Purolator depot and say goodbye to the damn thing.

Well, I was half right. I checked the mail before I went to work this morning (hadn't checked it since Wednesday, being sick and all), and saw "an important notice about returning our equipment" letter. The label is there, but I have to supply a box, one not so large that the receiver will slosh around in it. I found one this evening that I kept duplicate mystery magazines in. The receiver just fits in it. I will find a depot in the morning and get rid of the damn thing once and for all. I am just wondering what to do with the duplicate mystery magazines now.

If you are thinking about getting a satellite for your house, go ahead. Be my guest. Knock yourself out. But keep in mind that if you are unhappy with your product, you will go through a special kind of hell to make amends with the satellite provider people. I cannot wait until this incident is behind me. And that day is Tuesday, June 6th, 2017.

Grr. Grr. Grr.

It is getting late. I have to get up early.

See you tomorrow.


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