Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Post 3576 - Grr!

Calm. Blue. Ocean.

So, yesterday I told you about how I had to return the satellite receiver to Bell, which is in Mississauga. They provided a label and I had to find a box to put the receiver and the remote and cables and stuff in. Packed it with newspaper and sealed it this afternoon.

Purolator has an office or depot or whatever it's called, in Dartmouth. But fear not, effendi. You can go to many authorized Purolator drop off centres throughout the province. Turns out that the Staples in Bayer's Lake is one of those places.

I drove there after work and presented the box and put the label on it. Turns out that Bell only pays for the cheapest form of couriering, which is ground pick up. Two or three days to Mississauga. And the letter they sent me urged me to record a tracking number so I could keep track of the item once it leaves the store, which will be around 3pm on Wednesday.

They don't provide that service. You have to go to the full-fledged depot place in Dartmouth for that.


I have to hope, assume, whatever, that they package arrives by next Tuesday, which is 15 days after the letter was dated, because, barring a few days grace, I will be out the cost of the receiver, which is 500 dollars.

This has been such a waste of time and effort and money and mental health and everything else. I said it last night. I say it again: I will never do business with Bell  Canada again. Bell Aliant, the local arm, is fine, if expensive. We will stay with them, unless/until they tick us off. But the parent company? Frig 'em.

Anyway, the rest of the evening was fine. Patricia is recovering incrementally. She has one more day off work until her expected return on Thursday. I am still not convinced she will be ready to return to work by then.  I don't think she is convinced, either. Time will tell.

Tomorrow promises to be a busy day. Work. Toastmasters. A Frank deadline. I think I will turn in and prepare for it.

See you tomorrow.


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