Saturday, June 10, 2017

Post 3579 - 24 Hours Later...

Wow. What a day.

We did a super quick trip to the Valley this morning. We got up early, almost as if we were going to work. I put my work pass around my neck at one point, so unaccustomed to getting up so early on a Saturday morning was I.

We got to Port Williams around 8:10. It was Port Williams Days, and there is always a village-wide yard sale on that Saturday, so we participated. I have never missed one. Got some books. Got a hammock for three dollars. Got some index dividers for ten cents that I can put in my true crime binder. Got a flashlight/radio combo for 25 cents. Found out this evening that the flashlight part doesn't work, but the radio does.

Patricia got some plants and some books and a cooking vessel and matching soup tureen. Some other stuff. Met some people and yakked.  A former neighbor and I chatted and discussed some unsolved... well, murders might be too strong a word. A couple of unexplained and mysterious deaths from the 1970's that I had not known about, or had long since forgotten about. A couple of guys both named Graves who were run over repeatedly and killed. I don't know what happened there, but if I can find someone willing to talk to me about these cases, I am willing to listen.

Around 11am, we drove to Wolfville. I had an appointment at 11:30 with a documentary film maker who has long been working on a film about a case that goes back a couple decades now. He asked me some questions, and I attempted to answer them, cogently, and without stumbling over my words. I wrote a three page document full of notes and printed it off last evening. I ended up mentioning nearly everything in that document without having to consult with my notes.

After that was over, I turned the tables and interviewed him. I am hoping that the result of that discussion, along with material about the case he is investigating, will be my next true crime article in the issue of Frank that comes out in two weeks. Look for it.

After we finished talking, Patricia and I headed over to Paddy's Pub for lunch. I looked back, and the filmmaker and his assistant were loading up their vehicle. I ran over to them and invited them to join us for lunch. They did, and a very nice off-the-record conversation ensued. They're good people, and I look forward to seeing the resulting work. You should watch it even if I make it to the final cut.

We parted ways. Went back to the house for a few minutes to check the place out. Returned to Wolfville and got some food before returning to the city. Got back here around 4:45. Newbie was tapping his foot, wondering where we were. The last few hours have been about us relaxing, something that may happen again tomorrow. A day of rest sounds good to me.

I have about an hour of work ahead of me, though. Need to transcribe the audio file I recorded today.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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