Thursday, June 15, 2017

Post 3584 - An Early Night

Don't mind if I do.

Have an early night, that is.

Patricia remains off work. I left for work before 7 and arrived there shortly after 7. I supposed I could have ducked out a bit early this afternoon but hung around until 4:30.

Tonight Patricia made some kind of beef dish with potatoes for dinner. I had two helpings and will have the rest for lunch tomorrow.

We watched what is rapidly becoming one of our fave shows, this evening. It is called "I'm Dying Up Here". It is about standup comedians and their struggle to learn, and use their craft in 1970's Los Angeles. People think I have a sense of humor and some have wondered why I did not attempt such a career. I point to this show and tell them that this is why.

It is a quantum leap from being witty and urbane and going up in front of people and say something funny. I like what a friend of mine said years ago. He said that most stand up comedians should sit down and shut up. But I guarantee that everyone of those people thought they were funny and thought they might have a future in the business, if only they could get that small break. "I'm Dying Up Here" is all about those people and those elusive breaks. I really, really like this show.

Even though it is not yet 9:30, I think I will turn in. I think I am fighting something.

See you tomorrow.


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