Thursday, June 22, 2017

Post 3590 - The Weekend Is Here!

Ah. That's better.

I am off until Monday. Three days away from work.

Tomorrow we plan to have breakfast, likely in the Smitty's in the downtown. We both have errands to take care of in that part of the city, tomorrow.  By suppertime we will be at a Toastmasters barbecue. Really looking forward to that.

I have a bunch of other plans this weekend. I will tell you about them as they unfold.

I just got a notification on my Facebook that someone had updated the Darian O'Toole RIP page. It made me think of the Raven-Haired Radio Wench, so I jumped over and clicked on the videos section. I can now say I have seen the infamous section of "48" Hours in which she appears discussing how she had been fired from an American radio station for having lied about her credentials.

Very long time readers will recall that this here blog got its first big exposure in April of 2008, when Darian/Karen died. I had some lingering issues regarding Karen that went back to 1990, and I attempted to work through them here. For some reason, some of those posts went... well, maybe not viral. But people googling information about her found those posts and began to add comments to them, which are still there if you want to go read them.

What a talented woman she was. Fired for lying on her resume, but she would never have got to the States to take on Howard Stern if she had not grossly exaggerated her credentials in the first place. That incident, plus her drinking and not working hard at her craft, caused her career down spiral. Getting fired from Q104 in Halifax in 2004 must have really stung.

What a terrible waste of talent. She coulda been a contender.

I think I will turn in. Lots to do tomorrow.

See you then.



Unknown said...

Why even revisit this? Your post is extremely insensitive...and insulting. Karen was ill.

Are you an ego-driven person who likes the upper hand...or do you take joy in intentionally damaging characters of others?

Look forward to chatting further.

Bevboy said...

How is it insensitive? I only repeated what others told me. It's sad what happened to her, not to mention a cautionary tale for others who need help but do not seek it.