Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Post 3594 - Done!

Here is our new barbecue:

Look at that beauty. And we assembled it ourselves.

Well, I had a lot of the screws and washers and rotated the barbecue as more and more of it was assembled, to enable Patricia to access the areas she needed to. That's probably more accurate.

We haven't used it yet. In our frenzy to assemble the thing, we neglected to take out any hamburger or chicken or whatever, from our freezers. That was done this evening, so Thursday night we will try it out for the first time. Assuming the propane tank doesn't blow up in our faces, killing us, I will tell you about that first meal here tomorrow night.

Super yay.

Tonight we went to Lee Valley on the way home. Patricia had to pick up something. I stayed in the car. I don't "get" Lee Valley. I find the items expensive. You can get most things there, elsewhere, cheaper.

We got home and dozed off in front of the tv. I awoke and made my way to the home office, where I am tapping away at this post.

Tomorrow is Thursday already, which usually precedes Friday. We are off for a few days next week, returning to the office on Thursday, July 6th. A break from work is always welcome.

You guys take care of yourselves.  Assuming the propane tank doesn't blow up in our faces, killing, us, I will talk at you tomorrow.


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