Thursday, June 29, 2017

Post 3595 - Yum!

After a last-minute return to Canadian Tire to swap out the hose, we got the tank connected to the barbecue. It took a moment to start the thing. Then, we cooked a few kebabs and then several hamburgers.


So good.

I think we will barbecue again very soon. Like, maybe, breakfast.

I'm told that the barbecue will produce better food once it is seasoned, which I gather is just something that happens when you use the thing. I don't think that will be a problem!

Friday is in just a few hours. Friday morning I wanna listen to 89.9 The Wave, because it will be Denyse Sibley's last show. Like, maybe, forever. Her last radio show. Unless someone else snaps her up, she's gonezo. Which really sucks.

They have already advertised her job. The next guess is, who's going to apply? Who will want to fill her shoes?

When I find out, you will find out.

I think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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