Friday, June 30, 2017

Post 3596 - A Break

This will be the final blog post for several days.

We are going off to the cottage Saturday morning, returning to the city on Wednesday afternoon. Where we're going, there will be spotty-at-best internet coverage. And if we pretty much don't leave the cottage for those several days, then we will have zero internet coverage. Hard to write a blog post under those circumstances.

I listened to part of Denyse Sibley's final show on 89.9 The Wave this morning. Around 8:50, she announced she was leaving to take a job with Maritime Travel, where she will escort folks on vacations to places like Nashville.

It is a damn shame that the company she worked for sucked the passion of radio out of her, to the point where she felt she had to leave the medium entirely. I don't know her well at all, but I cannot help but think that she is just one phone call away from an enterprising program director who will offer her a dream job. There are several radio stations in the Halifax market that are struggling, that would be very lucky to have her. She has a huge fan base. A couple hundred have written her on her Facebook wishing her well. Come Tuesday morning, after the holiday, people who didn't listen to her final show will notice she isn't there and wonder what happened. A terrible, damn shame.

The next issue of Frank will have more details on this tragedy. I am sure that my friend Cliff Boutilier will be the one writing it. I will stay out of the way.

I barbecued several chicken breasts for dinner tonight. Devoured all but part of one of them. I think I will be gaining weight this summer.

I think I will turn in. Long trip tomorrow.

See you next week. I miss you already.


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