Monday, July 3, 2017

Post 3597 - Uhhhhhh

Well, that was fun. Or maybe not.

We did not end up going to the cottage. Or anywhere else, for that matter. In fact, the car has not left the driveway since Friday night.

Let me explain.

We wanted to go to the cottage to mow the lawn. We haven't been down there yet in 2017. Grass is likely up to me arse by now. But the weather has not been cooperative at all. Heavy rain showers, followed by overcast conditions, followed by more rain. That was Saturday and a big chunk of Sunday.

We were booked off on vacation for Tuesday and Wednesday, returning to work on Thursday. But because of the weather, it would have taken 48 hours of dry conditions to allow the grass to reach the point where we could mow it.

The forecast would not allow for this.

So, we remained in the city, but did not do much. Like I said, the car remained in the driveway. We hung around the house. Watched Netflix. I finished watching this season's "Blacklist" this evening. And very little work. Just laying around, bbq'ing too much, sleeping too much, and preparing for work tomorrow.

We have canceled our two vacation days for this week. This means I have to figure out how to rescind vacation days from the scheduling software we have to use. I doubt if I am the the first one who has done this.

Anyway, a good rest, but nothing done at the cottage. We will get there, eventually.

See you tomorrow.


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