Thursday, July 6, 2017

Post 3599 - Thursday Night Round Up

Random thoughts.

Stan Lee's wife, Joan, died today at age 93. They had been married for nearly 70 years. When I told Patricia, she remarked that Stan is likely the next to go, and fairly soon. Long-married couples often die within short times of each other. I recall a long-married couple in Beaver Harbour New Brunswick, the Greencorns. I think the order was that she died, and he died just a couple of days later. Their daughter, Dorothy, pre-deceased them both. Terribly sad.

Bob MacLaren, former owner/head of CKBW in Bridgewater, died today. Years ago, Bob was the guy smacked in the face by the man who killed the CJOH sportscaster. That man just died a week or so ago.

Thanks to a last minute influx of information, I can report that I will have a true crime article in the next issue of Frank. That makes two issues in a row, assuming my editor has enough room to accommodate the article, which is a bit longer than most of my other true crime pieces. This one is somewhat different than previous articles. This one posits a theory that would have been nearly unheard of in Nova Scotia in the period of time when this crime occurred. Find out what I mean on Monday, when the issue goes online. Wednesday if you want to get a print copy.

We're using the barbecue an awful lot. The tank has a gauge on it. We are still in the "green" section, indicating there is plenty of propane left. But the needle has moved a fair amount in just a week. Cooked sausage this evening. Burp!

I forgot to tell you last night, but on my way out of Toastmasters last evening, as I was heading for the elevator, emerging from said elevator was former premier John Buchanan. Dressed in a very nice suit. Does that man even own a pair of jeans? I told him who I was. He said that he thought he knew everybody who had my last name. I gave him one of my blog business cards and told him I write for Frank. His face lit up. "Why, Cliff Boutilier is one of my best friends!", he exclaimed. Told my editor about the incident this morning. He said that news would come as a surprise to Cliff.

Filled up the gas tank on the way to work this morning. Was on fumes. The little orange light had come on Wednesday night. That light means, "Get some gas for your car, you cheap so-and-so. Heck's wrong with you?" Gas is supposed to go up two cents a liter over night, so I thought it best to fill up before that happens.

The Soul had an oil change today. Won't need to worry about that chore again for another 6000 kilometers. I also ordered an external car wash, which would have set me back ten more dollars. When I went to pick up the car, I learned that they had comped it. Very nice of them! A nice job, too. The bird poop on the side is now gone. And to forestall all the hassles associated with this task, today I also booked an appointment to install the Winter tires on the car, on November 14th!

I used the ten dollars I saved on the car wash to pay for my lunch. Will pack, tomorrow. Barbecued animal flesh, anyone?

Let me know if you think I should I do any more of these Thursday Night Round Ups. This was fun.

See you tomorrow.


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