Sunday, July 9, 2017

Post 3601 - A Quick Trip

Boy, are my arms tired.

A Sunday morning. We got up around 6:30. I showered and shaved. By shortly after 8, we were on the road to the Valley. I had to mow the lawn at the house. Patricia wanted to pick haskap berries.

I commenced mowing around 10am, after Patricia took off in the soul to the nearby fields where you pick those expensive berries. She was told to "caress" them, gently pull them off the branches that hold them. Very time intensive. Six boxes she picked herself cost her something like $22.

It took me until around 11:45 to mow the lawn. I took little breaks along the way to keep myself hydrated and catch my breath. By the time I was done, the lawn looked much, much better.

Around 2pm, we hopped in the car and drove out to Elm Grove cemetery in Steam Mill. It is where my parents and my brother and other relatives are buried. I had not seen the grave in a little while. One of Dad's sisters is buried along the same row between my parents and their parents, if you see what I mean. My parents. A couple more graves. Margaret Rose. A couple more graves. Then their parents. We wandered around the cemetery for a few minutes and marveled at how intricate some of the headstones are. Some of them have colour pictures on them, in some process I will not quite ever understand, either how it is done, or why people would go to that time, trouble, and expense.

I still miss my parents like crazy. My dad died in 2010, and Mom died suddenly in 2015. I still wish I could pick up the phone and say hello to them. That I cannot still upsets me.

From there, we drove to Berwick. We wanted to get some North Mountain Coffee from the roaster there.  But, they are closed on Sunday. WTF! When we got back to the car, a couple of women also wandered up to the entrance and were disappointed. 10 minutes later, when we drove past, four bicyclists were leaving the area next to the store, doubtless disappointed that they could not refuel before riding some more.  So, eight people, eight customers, disappointed they could not grab a coffee there, in ten minutes. How many others stopped by and learned they could not get in? How many of those people will perhaps decide to check out another place next time?

I don't get it. I understand needing a day off, a day of rest if you will. But why not make that day a Monday or a Tuesday or something, when things are naturally more quiet? It is the summer. People like us are driving around and wanna buy stuff, but can't because the stores that have those items are not open.

We grabbed an early dinner at the Union Street Cafe up the street. Decent meal. Great service. Not running back there, mostly because we have a metric tonne of food in a couple of freezers in Halifax, and every time we buy more food, and try to find room for it in those freezers, we get frustrated and angry with one another. We have the barbecue now, so that will become the go-to arena for preparing food for us going forward.

We returned to the house and got our things and hit the road. We needed some milk in  Wolfville, so we got some, and drove home.

Got home around... 6:45 I think it was. Shortly more than 12 hours after we got up.  We are tired, irritable. But I am at least no longer sweaty, after my second shower of the day.

Back to work tomorrow. Yippee.

See you tomorrow.


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