Monday, July 10, 2017

Post 3602 - Retirement Musings

Hello there, you scurrilous little pup. Ruff! Ruff!

So, I don't talk about this much, but I think about this a lot. I am eligible to retire late in 2018. The way it works for me in the civil service is that you become eligible to retire after your age plus years of service equals 80. Unless you joined the civil service after April 6, 2010, when the "rule of 85" kicked in. I joined before that.

The way I figure, a few tumblers have to line up.

1. The "rule of 80" thing, above.

2. Can you afford to retire?

3. Do you like your job?

4. How is your health?

#2, no way. I pay off a major debt in 2020. Maybe then.

A guy last week told me he was retiring at the end of the month. Told me some stuff. The difference between him leaving this month and staying another year, in terms of his pension amount, is about $120 a month. He says he could work one night a week at a department store for minimum wage and make more than that over the course of a month, minus the felgercarb associated with going into work every day.

I can see myself going on to another job for a few years after leaving where I am now. I haven't decided yet. The 2020 debt thing makes sense, but you never know. I don't want to be "that guy" who just hangs around and hangs around until five minutes before he dies, never having enjoyed a retirement.

So much to think about.

What are your thoughts? You know how to reach me.

See you tomorrow.


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