Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Post 3603 - A Pathological Fear

Why, hello there, you handsome sailor man, you!

Another day down. Patricia had a Pilates class after work, so it gave me some time to kill. I walked to Jesse's Pizza on North Street and got their slice and pop deal, for five dollars. The pizza was acceptable. I don't think I like pizza that much, any more. You can't get a decent slice for a decent amount of money, and the higher end pizzas are so expensive as to be out of reach for most people. And who would want to take his sweetheart to a gourmet pizza place, anyway? Nothing says romance like pizza. Not.

Across King Street, still on North, is Java Blend coffee. Had never been there. A very nice place, indeed, if along so busy a section of the city that I can't imagine ever relaxing there. They are yet another in a very long line of local coffee roasters in this province. I don't see how it is economical for so many roasters to source coffee beans, grown in Peru or wherever it is, bring them to Nova Scotia, acquire the equipment necessary to grind them in a way to make them useful, and sell them at a price that is tolerable to the average person. I could not begin to list all the coffee roasters in this province. I am discovering new ones, all the time. At least Java Blend is among the most established roasters. They do make a very good cuppa. Perhaps I will buy a bag of their stuff at some point.

I walked back to where I had parked the car. Was gonna read a book, but instead listened to a podcast on the car radio. The car stereo has many features. In addition to the AM/FM radio, there is also satellite radio. Plus, I can plug in a usb key that contains up to... I think the limit is 6000 songs, but I may be off by 1000 or so. Plus there is a small internal flash drive that I can copy songs/podcasts to if I want. Plus, there is an input that I can insert a standard audio cable into. Oh, let's not forget that there is bluetooth, so I can stream songs from my phone to the stereo if I wish. There is no shortage of ways to enjoy content on the car stereo

Patricia's class was done around 6:30. We drove home. Patricia grabbed something to eat. I showered and shaved. I applied some coconut butter to my face to moisturize it. I think I used too much. I will know for sure if someone at work in the morning tries to rub lime juice on my face. ("You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up"). A guy can dream.

Two more work days, and then off for three. Cottage, we will be there. We are scared about how high the lawn will be, but we will persevere.

You 4.7 have a good evening. Bark at ya later.


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