Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Post 3604 - The Nerve

I need to rant.

I won't mention names. But I was trying to track down information about a true crime that occurred some years ago. Managed to find the man's father's obituary. From that, I found names of grandchildren. Used that information to contact a grandchild, a daughter to the man who went missing. She got me in touch with her mother, whose name I had never seen before. All good so far.

We IM'd on Facebook earlier this evening. Seemed enthusiastic to talk to me. Then she springs on me the fact that she expects me to sign a contract agreeing to show her a draft of the article, which she will vet, so as not to embarrass her or the family.

This is not done. Just. Not. Done. No media person would ever sign a contract agreeing to show the draft of an article, or a rough cut of a video or audio piece.

She had just got through telling me that she was trying to get people to do an article about her ex-husband as she has lots to tell. But assuming that she would expect all media people to sign a contract first, then it is no wonder that people are not doing articles about her ex-husband.

Flabbergasted.  Shocked. Disappointed.

Almost as bad, maybe as bad, possibly even worse, than the time a few months ago when a woman expected me to pay her cash money before she would talk to me about her cousin who was shot to death a number of years ago.

I don't know what to say. Absolutely speechless.

Do they want us to get the word out about their missing or murdered loved ones, or not?

Why do I bother?


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