Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Post 3608 - A Busy Night

I feel a sense of accomplishment tonight, ladies and gentlemen.

I spent a few hours tonight staining my back deck and side steps.

I did not perform that necessary task in 2016. I am trying to recall why. I think it comes down to laziness, but perhaps the weather did not co-operate the way I needed it to, along with my laziness.

There is now a coat of stain on those areas of the house. I have not done the portion of the back deck that faces out, that one can see from other houses, if you catch my drift. I will finish that task over the weekend if the weather lets me. More important, though, is concentrating on the front deck, which gets a lot of foot traffic, and which has also been unstained in two years.

After all this time, the wood was so thirsty that the stain seeped right in. By the time I had finished staining the side steps, and the "pole" that the clothesline is attached to, I had nearly used the entire can of stain. I used the rest on part of fence separating me from my neighbor. I will have to buy another can of stain this week so I can do the front deck.

If there is time, and money for that matter, I will do a second coat of stain on the decks and side steps later on this Summer.

Shame on me for not doing this in 2016.

Wednesday night I plan to hang around the archives for a couple of hours. I promise to think about you while I am there. Will help take my mind off the unsolved murders I want to research.

You guys have a good night.

See you tomorrow.


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