Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Post 3609 - Tomorrow!!

Sigh. On the way home tonight we stopped off at Timberlea Dental Center. I have a cleaning with them scheduled for Thursday night.

I am thinking that I will like it there. Seems like a pretty decent set up. The staff I have met so far seem very nice.

I am just nervous about going to the dentist. Even at my age, after all these years. Hate. Going.

But I am deeply unhappy with my present dental providers. The dentist left last year, likely ran out the door when he realized how messed up the place was. They didn't have an actual dentist on staff for a time. They recently hired one. The hygienist was not that kind to me in the last appointment. I got there, plopped myself in the chair, prepared for that session of torture. He told me what I just told you, about the new dentist. How they wanted to do x-rays, but feared my gag reflex would cause me and them grief. Suggested I go to a dentist that specializes in "sleep dentistry". Have a nice day. Would not even check my teeth.

I was so ticked off, that I resolved then and there to find another dentist. Assuming these new folks are at least half-way kind to me, I may have done so.

I will keep you up-to-date on this important, even critical, aspect of my life.

See you tomorrow.


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