Friday, July 21, 2017

Post 3611 - Sweltering

Crazy hot around the Bevboy house this evening. We have been trying to cool off, to no avail. Newbie has gone into hiding, in search of a place where he can feel less hot. Good luck, Newbie.

I bought some more Alpine beer after work tonight. I developed a taste for it a few years ago when I hired the guys to build my new decks. That was the main guy's fave beer, as he had worked with some guys from New Brunswick, where Alpine is popular, and developed a taste for it, too. The beer is not a popular seller in Nova Scotia. You can't buy a 2-4 of it anywhere, so you make do with a 12 pack.

But when the guy rang up the Alpine, it came up as another product, that cost slightly more. After a bit of confusion, they realized that their point of sale system was out of whack, and I got my beer for 21 cents less. I don't know how long that beer was showing up as the wrong product. Perhaps a while, but I was the first one to notice and bring it to their attention. Another thing that goes to show that this beer is not popular in NS. Don't know why. I think it's pretty good. Better than a lot of beers around here that people lap up.

Watched the first couple episodes of "Ozark" on Netflix this evening. A dark show starring Jason Bateman who ends up laundering money for the mafia in the Ozarks. There are many twists and turns to come up.

We have a busy day tomorrow. I have a task looming that will take a better part of the day. I will tell you about it tomorrow.

See you then.


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