Thursday, July 27, 2017

Post 3616 - Not Quite The Weekend

Is it Friday yet?

No. Too bad.

Patricia had Pilates after work tonight, so I had to cool my heels at work for an extra hour and 45 minutes. I ended up chatting with a co-worker who was also working late. I left about five minutes after he did.

She was hungry after her class so we ended up going to the Chinese place in Lakeside for a quick combo plate. It is the kind of place where the food is agreeable enough, but you shudder to think what the conditions are like in the kitchen. I no longer go to the washroom in that place because it disturbed me too much to see a big honking bowl of boiled rice cooling off in the hallway outside the men's room. I try to maintain the illusion, at least in my mind, that the food is cooked in a pristine environment. Ignorance is bliss.

We got home. The neighbour's cat greeted us. We fed him, and his face was whisker-deep in the bowl. Newbie was jealous. He saw us and started eating. His bowl of food was pretty much untouched all day. I think he thinks we are not coming home when we leave for work in the morning, so he tries to make his food last as much as possible. Then, when we come home, 10  hours or more later, he eats his food, quickly, and vomits in the hallway, on the carpet. I clean it up before Patricia sees it. If she does see it first, she tells me to clean it up, so I am no further ahead.

I am not sure what the weekend plans are yet. Patricia wants to do a day excursion on Saturday, as far away from the tall ships as possible. Maybe we will hang around the house. Maybe we will go to Otis&Clementine's in Tantallon. Sunday she has a course in the downtown, so I will likely hang around here and stain the front deck, something that is long overdue. I will try to wake up before noon to do that.

I think I will turn in. A long day tomorrow.

See you then.


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