Monday, July 31, 2017

Post 3619 - Is It The Weekend Yet? No? Okay Wake Me Up When It Is

Monday night. One day down. Two more days to go before we are off work for a few days.

I barbecued dinner again tonight. Hamburgers and chicken breasts. Patricia has been pointing out that meat, while an important food group, was never meant to replace things like vegetables, carbs and grains. And water. I think that is her subtle-ish way of telling me that we are using the bbq too much. She may be right. I cleaned it out last evening. After about a month of use, a lot of food crud got inside there. Stuff that dripped off whatever I was cooking at the time. And we bought a propane tank that has a meter on it indicating how much fuel is left. After 30 days it is down a good third. And other than some mushrooms, of the non-magic variety, and some onions and peppers from a chicken kebab,  there's been nothing but meat on that puppy!

I am working on another true crime piece for next week's issue of Frank. I have to get it done in the next 48 hours. It will be quite a bit shorter than the article two issues ago. That was nearly three full pages. This one may be only one page. Hard to find out facts about this guy.

I think I will work on that article for an hour or so before turning in, so if you will excuse me...

See you tomorrow.


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