Thursday, August 3, 2017

Post 3621 - A Day Later (And Several Dollars Shorter)

Hi. We haven't gone to the cottage yet. We slept in this morning. I cooked breakfast. My editor and I discussed my latest true crime piece for next week's Frank Magazine. And Patricia and I hit the road late in the morning.

We went to a couple of thrift stores. BFM, or Bibles For Missions, is a huge thrift store out Bedford way. Prices are terrific, not like the over priced stuff you get at Value Village. And they have tag days. If the item you want to purchase has the colour of tag that is that day's tag, you get it for half price, with a few exceptions like jewelry. So, a 75 cent book will cost 38 cents, plus 5% GST, which is like 39 cents total. Furthermore, clothing which had a yellow price tag on it was going for a dollar per item. I got a couple summer shirts, one of which was half price, so I got it really cheap. Walked out of there with some decent clothes and barely paid 10 dollars.

The cashier told me they get all kinds of stuff in there. From time to time, someone will contribute a flat screen television. It usually is sold almost instantly, as it is discounted so much, maybe 80 dollars or less. Getting a 40 inch tv for 80 or 100 dollars is a pretty good bargain.

I think I mentioned before that the computer monitor on this media server, which I am writing this blog post on, came from the BFM store. It happened to be blue tag day that day, and this monitor had a blue price tag on it, so it was instantly half off. It was the very same model monitor that I bought 8.5 years ago new, and it cost something like $150. It crapped out six months or so ago. Anyway, I got a replacement 19 inch widescreen monitor, same model as the other one, at BFM for $5.72.

From there, we went to the Guy's Frenchy's which was about a 60 second car drive from the BFM. I got a few more shirts there, and a couple pairs of shorts. That cost me about 20 dollars.

I wanted to go to a couple other thrift stores in town, but Patricia was tired. So we drove to Fredie's Fantastic Fish and Chips in Bayer's Lake and tied one on before returning home.

We have lazed around the house ever since.

I like these laid back days, sifting through the detritus that people discard and finding useful stuff.  We should do it more often.

Tomorow, as far as I know, cottage country.

See you soon.


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