Friday, August 4, 2017

Post 3622 - Another Day Later

Friday night/Saturday morning. Still not at the cottage.

In the morning, 8 or so, we will get up and drive down there. We are not trying to fritter away our long weekend, but we did have a good time the last couple of days.

Friday we slept in, but eventually hit the road to the Bayer's Lake theatres and saw "Atomic Blonde", which was hard to follow. The action scenes were very good, especially the one shot to look like one very long take. It probably took days to film it. But I am getting tired of the grim and gritty nature of so many Hollywood films. The colors are muted, almost non-existent in places. Even sunny days look drab and dreary. Please stop doing that, Hollywood!

Tonight we watched "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." on Netflix. Enjoyed it much more than Atomic Blonde, if you ask me. (And it's my blog, and I don't have to be asked for my opinions on things.)

Just finished watching "Real Time With Bill Maher". Missed the old coot while he was on vacation. The funniest part by a country mile was when he got Obama impressionist Reggie Brown to say the same words and phrases that Trump has uttered over the last couple of years. Check it out on youtube. Should be there by now.

We hope to be on the road by 8 or 9. Gotta get some sleep.

See you in a few days, my lovelies.


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